Caroling caroling through the town

Serena Omangi

Julia Dallenbach, Writer

The OHS Carolers have officially started their 80th season of spreading joy as of November 29. Their season is short, but they manage to hit every corner of Owatonna spreading joy. These singers perform in a variety of places including schools, businesses and nursing homes. The vocalists are always found wearing bold red and green robes, and give off the perfect Christmas feel.

The carolers are vital in growing the holiday spirit in school and the community. Junior soprano Ava Sletten said, “I think caroling spreads Christmas joy and makes people happy and jolly.” The season is going fantastic so far, as many people have already found delight in the wholesome performances. The carolers recently sang for the lighting of the tree where they found success. There was a parade first that ran downtown, and after in central park the carolers lifted their voices. It brought the community together for a beautiful evening of celebration. Not only does caroling affect the citizens of Owatonna, but also the carolers themselves. Junior soprano Emilee Zirngible said, “I was so excited to find out that I made it and so very thankful to be able to be apart of such a fun group of singers.” As a caroler, they must dedicate their time learning and perfecting holiday tunes. The activity of caroling is a rewarding and fun experience for students.

For some, caroling is one of their favorite parts of high school. OHS 2018 graduate Emma Carroll said, “Caroling was the best experience I had in high school, hands down. It was a lot of hard work at first, but once we started actually caroling and going to our gigs, it was such a heartwarming experience.” The fun of caroling can be felt by everyone. OHS Carolers director Mr. Chris Harris said, They provide this town with a traditional of Christmas carols that a lot of towns don’t have, so get out and see them.”

Catch the OHS Carolers singing some favorite holiday songs up until Friday, Dec. 21. The singers will perform at the choir concert at the OHS on December 20 at 7 p.m.