New high school facility, many options


Luke Kubicek

The bond to build a new high school failed by 120 votes

It has come to the public’s knowledge that there is a big possibility of a new Owatonna High School by 2023. There have been hefty donations by Federated Insurance, Viracon and Wenger. The community is looking at a 183 million dollar school. Some new features will include a pool and a turf football field. There have been many contradicting opinions about the decision for a long time now. The community has strong opinions for both opposing sides.  

I believe it would be good but how the building is right now is okay.

— Samuel Gutierrez

Longtime OHS art teacher, Mr. Brian Kuehen, made a unique point that having newer walls does not change the quality of teaching within them. Kuehen said, “I guess it doesn’t really matter if we are going to teach the same way in a new school.” Freshmen Samuel Gutierrez and Sophia Baumgartner, both agreed that the push for a new school is not completely necessary. Gutierrez said, “I believe it would be good but how the building is right now is okay.” These statements show that building a whole new facility would be fun, but it may unnecessary.   

It is needed, but I will not be here for it unfortunately.

— Laura Stevensen

The opposing viewpoint also made interesting statements. First year math teacher, Mr. Tyler Keller is very eager at the idea of a new facility. Keller said, “To me, I am excited, we need a new school.” Excitement is a common theme in people’s thoughts. Many students are excited about the movements Owatonna is making for the school system, but are upset they will not be here to see it happen. Junior, Dalten Wincell, said, “I wish they would have done it earlier, so we could have taken advantage of it.” As a football player himself, Wincell was also extremely thrilled for the turf football field for the future Husky football team. Another student, Freshman Laura Stevensen had similar thoughts. Stevensen stated, “It is needed, but I will not be here for it, unfortunately.” Although the new facility is irrelevant to these students now, they are excited to see what this new update can do for Owatonna in the future. The bond election is scheduled for May 14, 2019.