Signing on the dotted line


Andrew Stelter, Kat Ptacek, Kalley Schwab, Luke Wanous, Ty Sullivan

This afternoon, in the junior commons, seniors Ty Sullivan, Luke Wanous, Kat Ptacek, Kalley Schwab and Andrew Stelter officially signed to their respective colleges. Sullivan said, “It’s a relief to know where I’m going to go. It’s set in stone.” Sullivan will be attending the University of Minnesota Duluth to play football. Wanous was also relieved that his future for the next few years has been decided.  “I knew from the time I came out of the womb I was going to play football in college, ” he said, “I was happy to pick Augustana. I like the school.” Ptacek will play soccer for the University of South Dakota. “The atmosphere of the campus is wonderful. So are the coaches. It feels like home,” she said. Both Schwab and Stelter were excited to finally sign the papers. Schwab said, “It’s  really exciting. It’s a great weight lifted off of my shoulders.” Stelter agreed, “It feels great. I am finally an official part of the University of Minnesota’s football team.”These five soon to be graduates are not the only happy and relieved ones about the signing. Barb Schwab, Kalley’s mother, said, “We are really proud of her. It was a tough decision. This was the last school we looked at, but it feels right. Everything about it feels right.” As the ceremony concluded, cake was served and the elated “signers” put thoughts of college out of their mind in order to enjoy the moment. Friends and cake were in the forefront. Congratulations to Ty, Luke, Kat, Kalley, and Andrew! Even though you are moving on, Owatonna will be cheering you on from here.