Kaden Nelson

Junior Matt Seykora and Junior Landon Johnson at wrestling practice.

Carter DeBus, Writer

Owatonna Boys Wrestling had some huge roles to fill after losing crucial seniors in multiple spots. The team isn’t young but it was time for the next classes to step up and fill their expected leadership roles. There are six Seniors on the team that fills up around half of the starting roster for the Huskies. 

The Huskies have had success at every tournament they have competed in, such as the clash where they took eleventh and the Mounds View tournament where they brought home the team wrestling title. Senior captain Isaiah Noeldner said, “We need to continue wrestling as a team.” The Huskies realize when the team has the same goal, they can all push for that common idea and accomplish the bigger picture of moving closer to Sections

Owatonna is ranked No. 7 in Class AAA, The Huskies have made many statements with how well the team wrestles together in tournaments and is looking to roll into Sections with a full head of steam. The Huskies have five wrestlers that are ranked tenth or better in the state showing what they are capable of doing this season. Sophomore Landon Johnson is ranked No. 1 after beating the former top-ranked wrestler at the Christmas tournament. No. 4 Noeldner, No. 6 sophomore Kanin Hable, No. 9 freshman Cael Robb and No. 10 junior Kaden Nelson.

One of almost every player’s goals at the beginning of the season is to become all-conference. When you wrestle conference opponents as well as their section opponents, it all affects seeding

— Adam Wiotalla

The Huskies next meeting with a Big 9  school is Thursday in Rochester at 7 p.m. and this meet is important because it will further the team’s record past other Big Nine opponents and bring them closer in their next head to head with Northfield. When asked about John Marshall competitiveness this year, Senior captain Jerez Autridge said, “Overall, I think our conditioning is much better than theirs and our guys just want to win.” The Huskies know how important these Big 9 victories are and how they push them closer and closer to Northfield.