Tips for success during distance learning


Designed by Mariah Schroht

Graphic with four tips on how to have successes with distance learning

Mariah Schroht, Writer

Distant learning is new to both teachers and students. With this, school work is very student-driven and they don’t have the everyday push to get their work done. The better students manage their time, the more likely they are to succeed. Time management is a tricky thing for many students; however, with a few tips and tricks, it may become easier to handle. 

OHS teachers have done a great job of being reasonable with the amount of working handed out. Most teachers have set times that work must get turned in to earn credit. Junior Grace Arthur said, “Doing classes online hasn’t been bad so far, it usually takes me three or four hours to do including all my homework for those classes. Trying to get everything done has been easy for me. It helps to have deadlines as an initiative to get it done”.

Students often try to do it all at once, but trying to do it all at once can do more harm than good. It’s better to start small and work your way up, as you would with any other skill you’re learning. Everyone works at different speeds and has different ways of getting things done. Junior Hailey Rysavy said, “I’ll get there when I get there.” Distractions are an easy way to not get work done, but by dividing up your work, keeping a routine, keeping motivated and not attempting to multitask, schoolwork will seem easier. 

Learning to manage time not only helps with learning but can also make life more productive. This will be a huge benefit for high school students, getting the feel for how the college might be for them.