Hunting for hearts


Submitted photo

A heart made of hearts on a window

Jasmine Ziegenhagen, writer

Despite the darkness of all that is going on, a teacher in Wisconsin started what was supposed to be a way to show her students some love while they cannot be in school. However, this simple act of kindness has turned into a nationwide movement. 

This movement helps spread love and kindness and helps people see the good in the world. Senior Tessa Schirmer said, “I think the heart hunt is a really good way to connect with others.” People nationwide have been creating hearts and other artwork to put around their house that can be seen by people outside. A Facebook group was created for people to share their pictures and from March 18 when the group was created; it has gotten almost 250,000 members nationwide.

This is a fun family project for anyone stuck at home. All one needs is paper, paint or other arts and crafts. It is also a great way to keep young kids busy while restless in the house. People all over have been cutting out hearts, or painting hearts on their doors and windows. It has also created an amazing reason to go out for walks. Families can go for walks, enjoy the nice weather and search for hearts that might be lingering around in the windows of people’s homes. Senior Emily Larson said, “I have been going on walks with my dogs and looking at hearts.” 

The movement has had such a positive affect on communities all over the country. It helps spread love and joy to everyone and gives people hope. It helps encourage people to exercise and remember that their physical health still matters. What started as a fun idea between a few people has turned into something so much more. It has given people a reason to go out and feel the sun and explore their communities. Former President John F. Kennedy said, “One person can make a difference.” This quote is definitely true right now for the one person who has created something so powerful that it is affecting the mood of people everywhere.