Putting off the quarantine 15


Kenzie Haberman

Many students at OHS find biking a good way to stay active under the Stay at Home order

Kenzie Haberman, Writer

While students at OHS are still at home and practicing social distancing under the Stay at Home order, many are trying to continue on with normal life. For many this includes finding ways to stay healthy and fit at home. 

For junior Jack Tichenal, a three sport athlete, his days consist of running on the treadmill, going on walks, and doing P90X workout videos with his mom. He said, “It’s made it very difficult to stay in shape since I’m in three sports and haven’t been able to practice everyday like I would if this pandemic weren’t to happen.” He plays football, basketball and track. Track has been postponed due to COVID-19. Tichenal plans on working out as much as possible and going to the track to run. 

Senior Chloe Schmidt hasn’t sat still under the Stay at Home order. She walks everyday with her mom and also runs, rollerblades and bikes. Schmidt said, “The Stay at Home Order has affected my workouts for the better. I workout more than I usually do.” Schmidt believes that staying in shape and eating healthy is very important. Her advice to her classmates is to get up and outside, be active. Avoid sitting in bed doing nothing all day. 

The Stay at Home order has definitely given me more motivation to workout.

— Sam Fredin

Senior Dalten Wincell has been doing a lot of workouts to stay healthy and in shape. “I’ve been doing a lot of pullups and core workouts for strength.” He’s also been staying busy by running, doing HITT and crossfit to burn calories. Wincell also enjoys playing mini ball in his free time. 

Senior Sam Fredin goes on daily walks with her mom to get her day started. Fredin said, “The Stay at Home order has definitely given me more motivation to workout.” Everyday Fredin does a daily workout circuit consisting of sit ups, double crunches, mountain climbers, leg lifts, side crunches, planks and side-to-side planks. She does thirty to forty of each workout and then moves onto fifty squats and fifty pulse squats.

Staying in shape is very important to the students of OHS. After sports seasons being postponed and gyms being closed, students have found a way to get out of the house and stay active. Many athletes are still training for their sports next school year and are pushing their peers to do the same. Stay active, safe and healthy OHS!