Diversity and Inclusion Group’s look into the upcoming school year


DIG and Mixed Roots meeting on Sept. 8 during Compass time

Janessa Moore, writer

Diversity and Inclusion Group, also known as DIG, is a revived club for OHS. DIG was started by Fardowsa Abbas, Asiya Gazali, Sado Keyse, Eden Ojulu and Abukar Abdi in the summer of 2018 with guidance from Mr. Will Fish. A few years later, DIG had died down and was no longer running. However, in Spring 2020, a few students wanted to start up this group again. It has now grown over the past year to be a functioning group of about 12 people per meeting.

DIG’s main goals are to create a welcoming environment for people of color and have open conversations about race and equity. The group of students along with advisers Mr. Jeremy Wood and Mr. Fish aim to bring students together. Senior Fardouza Farah said, “Being surrounded by fellow students who care about taking extra steps to make sure everyone at school feels valued is very empowering”. The group has had kickoff events and plans for more cultural events in the near future. Some events may include black poetry and art, cultural holiday decorations and elementary visits. 

This year, DIG looks a little different than it has in the past. It will be having meetings in the same room and at the same time as the Mixed Roots club. These groups are similar in their missions to celebrate cultures, so they can build ideas off of each other. Ms. Karen Martinez and Mr. Wood will co-advise this group. Mr. Wood said, “My hope this year is to start to branch out into the schools more. We are now at a point where school is more consistent and we can really start to build those bridges we’ve been hoping to make.” The students are excited as to what they can accomplish with the clubs combined.

DIG is a heavily student lead group. Although there are advisers, students make the ideas and plan the events. There are ideas and events available that group members are able to sign up for holiday posters, Black History Month celebrations, etc. This helps keep the group organized and efficient. For those interested in joining or learning more, DIG meets on Compass Wednesdays at 1:15 p.m. in room C-206.