Murder comedy is on stage this Halloween


Submitted by Mr. Erik Eitrheim

Cast of Arsenic and Old Lace gets ready to perform

Ashley Holm, Writer

Arsenic and Old Lace is the fall show for OHS. It is a murder comedy about Mortimer Brewster who is in love with Elaine Harper. He finds out that his aunts, Martha and Abby, are murderers by discovering a body in the window seat. Mortimer tries to make sure his aunts are not arrested during the whole show. There is another nephew named Teddy who helps the aunts with the murders. Martha and Abby are not the only murderers in this show though. Jonathan, Mortimers other brother, is a crazy killer who has a transplanted face. He is running around with his accomplice Dr. Einstein and they both come back and visit Abby and Martha. 

Mr. Erik Eitrheim has picked the show Arsenic and Old Lace because it is a classic show and has a larger cast for a play. Mr. Eitrheim said, “It’s usually quite well received by the audience because it’s an oldie but a goodie.” The audience will love this show as much as the cast and crew does. 

The show has a great plot and is very fun to watch. Senior Jackson Hemann says “I really like the part where I chase Mr. Gibbs around the table, that’s so much fun.” Hemann plays Mortimer in the show and has been having a fun time playing his character. He really enjoys doing the scenes where he can make others laugh. Not only does it have thriller and murder involved, but it has great comedic relief to make you laugh when you feel scared. 

After the long break of theatre, it feels great to be back on stage. All of the cast of Arsenic and Old Lace is grateful to make a return on stage with the audiences full again. Junior Paige Anselmo is playing Martha Brewster. Anselmo said, “I really like being in the show because it is great to be back on stage and also it’s nice to be acting with people again. Theatre is something I really enjoy and hope to do in the future.” Anselmo is delighted to make a return to stage after the break in theatre productions due to COVID-19. 

Making the show come to life has been a lot of fun for everyone involved. Both cast and crew of Arsenic and Old Lace are excited to perform this murder comedy for everyone. Unlike most years, they will be performing for two weekends. Come and watch the show to see what happens to resolve these murders.