New Highway 14 opens for drivers


Designed by Olivia Shaw

New Highway built for a safer and efficient commute

Maria Schwab, Writer

The new Highway 14 that stretches between Owatonna and Dodge Center is now open. The highway opened on Nov. 9, 2021. This new highway expands 12.5 miles from two lanes to four lanes to make a continuous long road. This project cost approximately $108 million dollars, and it is a very important and impactful remodel as it will create safer transportation for everyone. 

This new opening will provide faster access to various destinations including Rochester, Dodge Center and Byron.  Additionally, it will cause less traffic and is an overall safer route. Governor Tim Walz played a big role in putting this project together and its completion. In celebration of the opening, Mr. Walz said, “‘Every Minnesotan deserves safe, dependable roads that get them home to their families. And for too long, Highway 14 has not been safe.’” Accidents were very common and frequent on the old highway, and will hopefully decrease in time. With this new highway built and now open, people from all over can get to their destination faster and safer.

Many OHS students and staff will use this highway to get to cities like Rochester. Senior Maddie Kolosky drives on Highway 14 often and says, “I like the new lanes and the safer feeling. It’s way better than it was when it was under construction.” I The new construction is a lot smoother drive and  faster without all of the construction going on. OHS teacher Ms. Halley commutes from Rochester every day.  Ms. Purkey said, “The new Highway 14 is much more convenient and safe. I no longer have to worry about drivers crossing the center line.” This new highway adds safer and faster transportation for all.