Strategies for avoiding the lines at lunch


Derek Klecker

Students need to be sure to know the fastest way to the lunch room to avoid the long lines.

Derek Klecker, Writer

During their first few days at Owatonna High School, students face different challenges like finding all their classes and avoiding the upperclassmen that make fun of them. However, they quickly realize that the lunchroom is on its own level. Getting to the lunchroom as fast as possible is very important to avoid waiting in long lines just to get lunch. Finding the fastest route to the lunchroom will help students get towards the front of the lines and give them the most time to eat and hang out with their friends. Here’s the fastest way from four common areas in OHS:

From A & B-100 plaza (English, Options and social studies classrooms) 

Leave the plaza and walk towards the wrestling room. Before reaching the wrestling room, turn right and head towards the locker rooms. On your right, students will find the lunchroom. The next fastest route is going up the stairs before arriving at the locker rooms, walking by the gyms and trophy cases, and then down the stairs on the right to the lunchroom.   

Walking time=1:25 

Time saved=0:17

From C-300 plaza (World Language classrooms)

Leave the plaza and make two immediate rights. This will take students to a staircase that leads down to the main floor. Now, walk towards the gyms and take the stairs on the right. This will take students right down to the lunchroom. The next fastest route is walking out of the plaza and walking down the connecting hallway towards the math hallway. Before getting there, turn right into the green hall and take the stairs on your right down the lunchroom.

Walking time=1:26 

Time saved=0:08

From Math hallway 

Walk towards the end of the hall and take a left. Walk towards and into the green hallway. Once reaching the green hallway, take the stairs on the left downwards. This will lead students right to the lunch room. The next fastest route is going down the stairs right outside of the math hallway bringing you to the Indian doors. Next, walk towards the gyms and down the stairs on the left to the lunchroom.

Walking time=1:28

Time saved=0:05 

From A-200 hallway (History classrooms) 

Take an immediate left and go down the stairs bringing students to the main entrance of the school. Walk towards the office and take the stairs across from the office and right next to the media center. Students will then arrive in the lunchroom. The next fastest route is not immediately going down the stairs but taking a left and walking towards the art classrooms. Take the stairs on your left down to the main entrance of the school. Then follow the same path as above. 

Walking time=1:33

Saved time=0:03

Students will find that every second counts when it comes to getting in line, so finding the fastest way is crucial. With the second semester starting on Monday, Jan. 24 most classes will be changing, meaning many students will have a different class during the third block. Be sure to know what class that is, where that class is located, and the fastest route to the lunchroom from there.