OHS resurrects musical performances with The Addams Family


Valentina Contreras

The Addams Family show is opening on Thursday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m.

Ashley Holm, Writer

This year’s musical is The Addams Family, here is a little bit about the different characters in The Addams Family. It became a popular show in the early 60s, the musical is based off of it. Gomez and Morticia are the parents to Wednesday and Pugsley. Their extended family includes Uncle Fester, Lurch, and Grandma. The ancestors are also a part of the Addams family. Lucas is in love with Wednesday and his parents are Alice and Mal. 

It is a family show with a darker comedy and romance plot. The show starts with the Addams family visiting the graveyard to wake up their ancestors for their annual family gathering. During the gathering, Wednesday confesses to her father that she is in love with a “normal” guy named Lucas. Uncle Fester helps this romance by enlisting the ancestors to help with the romance between Lucas and Wednesday. Since Wednesday confesses that she is in love with Lucas, the rest of the Addams family worries about her changing. The two families of Wednesday and Lucas come together and have dinner one night where everything changes. 

Mr. Erik Eitrheim picked the musical this year for many reasons. Mr. Erik Eitrheim said “The Addams Family is a classic story, one of the things that is most appealing is the large number of students that can be involved in it. It has a large cast, a lot of speaking roles and singing roles.” Many students are able to be involved and it makes the musical fun to watch because of the amount of students in the show. 

The audience is introduced to all of the characters in the When You’re an Addams number.  Sophomore Tate Berkley, who plays Uncle Fester, said, “My favorite scene is When You’re an Addams, it is fun to have everyone on stage dancing and singing.” This musical is not shy of breaking out into dancing or singing. It has a lot of fun scenes and moments where characters are able to tell their stories. 

Rehearsals for the musical have been everyday after school since OHS got back from winter break. During the rehearsals, the cast has learned all of the different dance numbers and the songs that go along with them. Junior Ava Eitrheim, who plays Wednesday Addams, said, “Rehearsals have been a lot of fun, there has been a ton of progression throughout the past weeks and I am excited to see where we end up.” All of the casts’ hard work will hopefully pay off at the performances.

The whole purpose of the plot in this show is love, everything spirals out of control because of love. Mr. Brandon Noble said, “The Addams Family is about love triumphing and families coming together through hardships.”  

If people want to see love grow, this show is a great representation of that. This show is loved by cast, crew and pit, because it has a great plot line and meaning to it. Opening night is Thursday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. for The Addams Family, other dates you can come and see the show are Feb. 25, 26 at 7 p.m., Mar. 4, 5 at 7 p.m. and Feb. 27 at 1:30 p.m. 


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