Maas commits to UW- River Falls


Thomas Hanson

Dylan Maas signing to continue his football and academic career at University of Wisconsin River Falls.

Jerome Stransky

Dylan Maas will be committing to University of Wisconsin-River Falls to continue his football career. Maas has been involved in sports his whole life, but he did not love anything more than football. Maas has been playing since he was a little kid. He started his career in Park & Rec in third grade and has been playing ever since. 

Owatonna Football has treated Maas well by giving him the opportunity to succeed at a high level. Maas was the starting tailback and he was a quick one too. Maas was definitely one of, if not, the fastest player on the team and was the team’s leading rusher for this season. Proving once he hit the open field there were very few that would catch him. Head coach Jeff Williams said, “Dylan always had a lot of natural ability to run the ball. What I really appreciated was his willingness to improve at the other aspects of his job as a running back.” Maas excelled in this game and always tried to out work anyone on the field. He improved many of his abilities such as: taking care of the football, increasing his ability to catch out of the back field and to execute his pass blocking abilities.

Maas enjoyed his time as a player for the football team and will always remember the friendships he had while playing. A lot of the kids he started playing with when he was younger are a lot of the same kids he played with at the varsity level. That chemistry allowed Maas to enjoy the game and be able to play successfully as a team. Maas said, “I continued to play because I love the sport and I can’t see myself not playing.” He will always work hard to be the best player and person that he can become.

Maas will be attending University of Wisconsin-River Falls in the fall of 2022 to pursue his football career and major in business.