Young team big dreams


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OHS Girls Softball Team poses for a picture at the Forest Lake tournament on Saturday, April 23.

Parris Hovden, Writer

The Owatonna High School Softball team is in the hunt for the Big 9 championship. With the young team they have they have the drive and determination to succeed in their goal. As of last year, making it into round two of sections was a big thing for the team. Owatonna has a tough conference so the team is  always ready for the competition.

The team lost four seniors to graduation last year leaving one senior this year who also is a captain. The team is led by junior Paiton Glynn and senior Parris Hovden. The team of one senior, three juniors, five sophomores, one freshman and one eight grader has made a difference to the team. It is such a learning process and dedication type of team now. Eighth grader Kendra Bogen said, “Being on varsity has shown me confidence in myself and what I can do at such a young age and see how far I will get in the future.” With a young team this year, upperclassmen leadership has helped everyone be confident. 

The OHS Softball team has had three games to start the season. The first one was against Rochester Century, the Huskies ended up winning 3-2.The second game was against Austin and the Huskies ended up winning 10-0. The team next played John Marshall with the Huskies winning 10-0. This team comes out ready to win, they practice everyday, pushing themselves during practice and exceed their goals that are made at the beginning of the year.  As their conference does have some tough teams, they are still on the hunt to be Big 9 champs. Head coach Jeremy Moran said, “I am excited to see our upperclassmen provide leadership for this team and really step up in those moments that team needs them the most.” As to having four upperclassmen on the team and the rest underclassmen they can help those grow and gain confidence out on the field. Next game will be Tuesday, April 26 in Winona.