Mr. Maine retires after 36 years of teaching


Landen Johnson

Mr. Doug Maine ends his career after 22 years of teaching various math and computer science classes at OHS.

Landen Johnson, Writer

For the past 22 years, Mr. Doug Maine has made an immense impact on students at the Owatonna High School. In the 14 years before he ended up in Owatonna, Mr. Maine taught in many places all over the state. He earned his computer science degree at the University of  Minnesota – Duluth and his teaching degree at St. Cloud State University. 

Mr. Maine has taught many courses in the computer science department and the math department in his years at OHS. AP Calculus II and AP Computer Science are two of his favorite classes to teach. Senior Jack Helget said, “Mr. Maine is great at making a terrible topic easy to understand.” His ability to make a topic easy to understand is what allows him to teach topics to all levels of students. 

He has also coached different sports in his 36 years of teaching. These coaching roles were in football, basketball, volleyball and track and field. He has coached both boys and girls track and field over 18 years and football for 17 years in Owatonna. 

While Mr. Maine is looking forward to retiring, there will be some parts of teaching that he will miss. He enjoys the challenges of trying to come up with new ideas that will help his students learn best. Mr. Maine said, “I found that after three years of doing something, it gets kind of stale. So I’ve been able to try to add new things.” 

Mr. Maine does not have any big plans for his retirement. He plans to relax after his 36 years of teaching. His valuable teaching will be missed by the students and staff at OHS.