Huskies Tackle Cancer at Homecoming


Ava flemke

Tackle cancer will be taking place Sept. 30 at the OHS football field.

Ava Flemke, Writer

Owatonna Football’s Tackle Cancer game has numerous students and fans excited. On Friday, Sept. 30, OHS will be helping to support this fund by giving fans the opportunity to donate to the Tackle Cancer Fund as they enter the game. All high schools in Minnesota dedicate a football game to support the Randy Shaver Research and Community Fund. Owatonna has been doing this since 2011. This organization was created to help support and fund cancer patients all over Minnesota. This organization has raised more than $25,000 over the years. There will also be raffles that game attendees can enter for $5 per ticket with the winner announced at halftime. 

“I think we stand a good chance against Northfield and we should be able to match up well with them.”

— Mikah Elstad

The football team has put a lot of time and dedication into preparing to win the game. Homecoming is a special game because there are many people supporting the team and cheering them on. Having fans supporting the team makes things more exciting for the players. Football captain Mikah Elstad said, “I think we stand a good chance against Northfield and we should be able to match up well with them.” As a captain, Elstad says that he helps to prepare the team for this game by “putting our arms around players when it’s needed and helping to support the team.” He says that they have been working hard to prepare for the game by watching films, looking at playbooks and looking at what they can fix from the last game to become better players. Elstad states the importance of leading by example and by word as a captain.

In addition, football head coach Mr. Jeff Williams has been preparing the team for this game. Williams helps the team prepare in many ways. He said, “[We prepare by] helping the boys to continue to improve as a team by taking the last game’s scores and looking at how the opposing team plays in the schemes that they run.” Coach Williams and the team have all been working hard to ensure that the night is special and rewarding for everyone. The homecoming game is the most attended game of the season. Coach Williams said, “The chance to play in front of a big loud crowd is something they remember forever.”

This Friday, Sept. 30, the Huskies will be hosting the Northfield Raiders at the Owatonna High School Football Field. Kick off is at 7:00 p.m.