The Huskies Tackle Cancer


Sky Krenzelok

Owatonna Huskies fan pays for raffle ticket at the annual homecoming game.

Luca Gfrerer, Writer

On Sept. 30, the Owatonna Huskies faced the Northfield Raiders for the town’s annual homecoming football game. This event is not just a way to celebrate the town, but also a way that the community takes part in the Minnesota fundraiser, Tackle Cancer. This gives people a chance to raise donations for cancer research, child care and support for families struggling financially due to a family member with cancer. This year, all the money that was collected at the game will go to the statewide organization, The Randy Shaver Cancer Fund.

The Tackle Cancer fundraiser was first brought to Owatonna in 2011 with the help of OHS social worker, Ms. Nancy Williams. She has continued to coordinate these events for the past 12 years, and in that time, the community has managed to raise over $25,000. Since Owatonna began taking part in this fundraiser, it has thrived and grown year after year. Ms. Williams said, “I think it continues to be more successful each year as it becomes more well known. It’s on social media and there’s been an article in the newspaper. People become more aware and with that awareness comes more and more donations.” 

Every year, there is a raffle in which people pay $5 for a ticket for a chance to win a prize. The raffle prize this year was a basket full of Owatonna Football apparel along with a football signed by the entirety of the 2022 Football Team. This alone brings in many funds for the fundraiser. Football manager and junior Lola Berg said, “I think Tackle Cancer is a great idea because we have so many fans who are willing to donate.”

With the immense successes in past years, it has come as no surprise that this year was a huge achievement as well. Not only did the Huskies beat the Raiders 21-19, but more t-shirts were sold this year than in any other, and with the help of the fans, Tackle Cancer managed to raise $1,265. This includes all donations collected at the entrances and the proceeds from raffle tickets. With all the help and support the community of Owatonna continues to bring each year, Ms. Williams said she is happy to be a part of the fundraiser and hopes it makes a difference for others.