Fantasy Football Club comes to OHS


Charles Valento

Last weeks winner Garret Buryska stands by trophy case proudly

Charles Valento, Writer

The Fantasy Football Club is an after school club held on Compass Days. The league consists of the best 24 players at each offensive position such as wide receiver, running back and quarterback. The goal of the club is to put together a team of offensive players that will outperform other players on other members’ teams. Members want to have the highest points possible. The scoring consists of a touchdown equals six points, a caught pass (reception) equals one point and every yard gained by a player is 0.1 points. The club is organized by math teachers Mr. James Dahlgren and Mr. Steve Benson. They are in charge of keeping up with all the scores and finding the overall winner.

The club is a good place to connect with others and show the competitive side of members. Mr. Dahlgren said, “I like to get to know the kids by doing something that’s different from school and math.” The Fantasy Football Club consists of students who want to find others with similar interests and to connect over something outside of school. Senior Drew Henson said, “I like getting to talk with my friends about something I’m really passionate about.”

If a student is interested in the club, here are some of the rules. The scoring in the club is a Points Per Reception league, where members draft certain players they think are gonna have a good week in the NFL. Each member gets to do something called a “lock”, every time they have a meeting each person gets to choose one player that only they can pick. Mr. Dahlgren said, “I have locked Justin Jefferson the past couple weeks and he’s scored 30 points each time.” Each member can choose any player that isn’t locked so multiple members may have one certain player on their team.

The main goal of the FFL is to have some fun. Mr. Dahlgren said, “It’s a fun environment where you’re talking to others who share the same hobbies as you and competing against each other”. When the club meets on Wednesdays they look over who won past weeks and total up points, they then display the winner of the week on the wall in the math hallways. Senior Braden Lenoard says,“My favorite part of the club is drafting my favorite players to play against my friends”. After finding the winner of the week they then plan out who they are gonna lock for their team and who they are going to draft to go along with that lock. Mr. Dahlgren said, “The club gets pretty competitive and with that comes a little bit of trash talk to make it all the more fun.” The Fantasy Football Club is a fun activity for students or teachers who enjoy watching the NFL.

If  interested in Fantasy Football Club or connecting with others with similar hobbies, stop by room G-308 after any Compass Wednesday.