It’s midterm season here are the results

Angana Patel, Writer


Midterm Elections occur every four years and are held in between a president’s four year term. This year Minnesota and other states hold their midterm elections on November 8, 2022. However, people who are 18 years or older could have voted early in person or by mail with an absentee ballot. If citizens were not able to, they could have still voted on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at their nearby polling places. During this election, individuals voted for Congress, which includes the Senate and the House. Residents of Minnesota also vote for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. They also voted for Minnesota State Representatives, which include the Attorney General, Secretary of State and State Auditor. During this time frame it is also election season for Owatonna. Owatonna will be electing new members regarding its city council, school board and the sheriff department.