Lauren Waypa commits to Northwestern Iowa


Sky Krenzelok

Lauren Waypa plans on attending Northwestern College to compete in track & field and major in Elementary Education.

Sevy Enter, Writer

Owatonna senior Lauren Waypa is getting ready for her final track season with Owatonna. After her commitment to Northwestern Iowa to continue her athletic and academic career, she has high hopes for this season. Initially, Waypa started running cross country during the fall of her seventh grade year. Not long after running cross country she realized that she enjoys sprinting more than long distance. Waypa has found success in track and field for the past six years competing in sprinting, long jump and relays.

Northwestern Iowa College stood out to Waypa immediately for a few key reasons. Waypa said, “It is important to me that I go to a Christian college. I also really connected with the coaches and enjoyed the fact that it was a smaller team that is still good at what they do.” 

Northwestern is a part of the NAIA and has competed at a high level for many years. 

Waypa said, “I am excited to see the different standards of performance.” 

With Waypa’s last season at OHS starting up, she said, “I want to improve overall and be stronger than last year.” 

Although earning your spot at state is a difficult task, Waypa is up for the challenge and hopes to attend the state tournament again this year.

Coaches play a large role in student athletes careers. Coach Gleason, among other coaches, strives to produce the best athletes while maintaining a good relationship with their athletes.

“Lauren is a very hard worker. She is very dedicated and will do everything you ask of her without question,” Coach Gleason said, “Her technique is spot on, she can read the gun better than anybody. She will have a very successful collegiate career.”

Waypa plans to attend Northwestern College in fall of 2023 where she will continue her track career and study elementary education.