OHS NHS hosts blood drive and 2023 Color Run


Andres Contreras

NHS blood drive commissioner Lileigh Nguyen posing for a picture with a blood donor.

Andres Contreras, Writer

NHS Blood Drive Recap

On Sunday, April. 2 Owatonna High Schools NHS hosted a blood drive for midwest hospitals. NHS is short for National Honor Society, NHS is a nation wide club where students are able to help their community to the best of their abilities. 

NHS has hosted the Owatonna blood drive for several years and it has always been a success. 

Senior NHS president Korah Rocha said, “NHS stands for National Honors Society. It’s a club of students who designate their time to give back to people in our community and do projects to help better everything. The NHS has four pillars: service, leadership, scholarship, and character. We work towards each of those pillars and just make sure we fulfill all of them.” 

Rocha has been very dedicated towards this club. She has been in charge of and ran multiple events for NHS and has been a significant part of NHS this past year. 

Senior Lileigh Nguyen is another member involved in NHS. This year Nguyen’s role was being a blood drive commissioner for the NHS blood drive, she had to organize with the red cross, make sure the sign-up gets out, and schedule all the volunteers for donations. 

Nguyen said, “I’m really glad we have multiple blood drives throughout the year and one in the summer. Having this routinely helps get people to sign up and get more people who donate for the red cross.” 

Because of NHS hard work hosting this event multiple hospitals across the midwest receive fresh blood to help people in need. 

Teacher Jacob Kringen is a NHS adviser. His role was to make sure everything ran very smoothly, checking volunteers in and making sure all NHS volunteers had everything they needed to thrive and do their best.

Mr. Kringen said, “I hope that because of this event NHS students are able to serve and donate blood to people across the midwest who are in need. Also, to give students the opportunity to serve and be able to do something kind for others; it’s a really neat thing.”

Upcoming Owatonna Fun Filled Color Run

Next month on Saturday, May. 13 NHS will also be hosting a “Color Run” event. This fun filled event will include a silent auction prior to the races start, and a drawing right after. For the actual run the event coordinators will have two options available for people to do: they’ll have a five  kilometer and one mile race in which people are allowed to run or walk. Throughout the race bystanders will be able to buy colorful powder for one dollar and toss it on runners as they race by. The goal is to have all the runners who volunteer be covered head to toe in colorful colors. 

The Color Run event will be hosted at Kaplan’s Woods Pavilion in Owatonna, Minnesota. The event will have an entry fee of $20 dollars for the five kilometer run or $10  for the one mile run. Sign up for the event  will only be allowing cash and/or checks as forms of payment. NHS partnered with Community Pathways of Steele County Inc. and Owatonna Parks, Recreation, and Facilities.

 All of the proceeds that will be earned will go to Community Pathways to further improve the Owatonna community. Registration is available right now, volunteers can sign up by scanning the QR code posted on flyers around the school or following the link above. There is also a picture of the QR code in the photo gallery.