Banding together for charity

Student Council kicks off its annual Cash Drive Week


Student Council

Yuda Bands will be sold at all lunches throughout the week for Cash Drive

On Friday, Nov. 14, 2014, OHS will have another exciting pepfest after first period. This time is dedicated to raising awareness for the annual Cash Drive, which will run the school week of Nov. 17-21. This year all the funds and proceeds will be given to Yuda Bands, a charity organization that helps kids in third world countries, like Guatemala, receive an education. Thus, teaching youths a valuable lesson in giving to others through their unique service project.

The education system in Guatemala is set up so that students need to pay to continue their schooling after fifth grade. With over half of the Guatemalan population under the poverty line, it’s no surprise that many students do not or cannot finish their schooling. We will be helping those students, between sixth and twelfth grade, who are struggling to pay for their education. These students are chosen by Yuda Bands scholarship program based on three criteria: academic achievement, commitment to education and economic need. You may be asking “How can I help?” The answer lies in your donation, by purchase and participation in activities, such as the Mangeant, car smash and many other activities planned by OHS student council.

The biggest change in Cash Drive this year is the competition. OHS will have its normal competition between grades to see which class can raise the most money. The winner of that will receive donuts and muffins in TMM. Competition between classrooms are being encouraged to help maximize participation. The prize for those competitions could be food in class, a no homework day or extra credit, but it would be up to the teacher, keeping students interests in mind. But the new change is that we, as an entire school, will face off against Faribault to see which school can raise more money. The winning schools’ prize, at this time of writing, is still being decided on.

Our objective is to provide as many students in Guatemala with the best education possible, while bringing a fun week to the OHS

— Lucas Arndt

When asked about the goal for Cash Drive, Lucas Arndt, a student council representative said, “Our objective is to provide as many students in Guatemala with the best education possible, while bringing a fun week to the OHS.” Other changes being made to Cash Drive deal with what is being sold and what activities, both in the lunchroom and after school, are being offered. First, what is being sold. The students who have struggled and have graduated, thanks to Yuda Bands scholarship program over in Guatemala, have sent over hand-made wristbands, in different colors and designs, that student council will be selling for seven dollars. They will also be selling T-shirts that say, “I <3 Cash Drive” for donation of fifteen dollars minimum. If anyone else you know want to donate, tell them to write a check to OHS Student Council and send it to the school.

Lunchroom activities have played a major role in Cash Drive totals, at least in recent years. These activities have been enjoyable and have created spectacles, such as Mr. Walters shaving his mustache last year. That excitement is not planned to disappeared. To unlock a lunchroom activity, each individual lunch period will need to donate a certain amount of money. The amount will vary depending on a lunch periods’ population, the more people who have lunch that period, the more is expected to be raised. Some of the activities being offered at lunch are a candy cane relay, blended food challenge, bobbing for hot dogs, condiment relay and the now classic shaving of someone’s head. Below is a graph detailing what major events/activities will take place after school throughout the week.

Newest Chart


On their website, Yuda Bands philosophy states, “Self Reliance: With every scholarship we provide we are helping break multi-generational poverty cycles. We believe that educating youth around the world and providing jobs for under privileged people today is how we prepare for a better tomorrow.” There are kids and teens just as old as us struggling to get their education because of a lack of money.

Join in the fun and do not let money be their barrier to future success. Besides the bands that they send over, they are also giving us an opportunity to better ourselves and to teach us the importance of helping those in need. Over 450 schools have taken the project into their hands accumulating over 600,000 American youths participating in some manner. Remember, it’s not about beating Faribault, but about raising money for charity. So “Wear a band. Change a life.” When next week comes along, know that all of your donations will lead to fun times and the continuation of education for someone in Guatemala.