Cash Drive cashes in for charity

OHS raises over $10,000


Brady Steinhorst

Student Council presents the check for Yuda Bands

Kristen Rysavy, writer

After a fun week of giving, cash drive has come to an end.

On Monday night, the second annual “Man-geant” was hosted in the high school auditorium. It alone raised over $1,600.00. Many lunchroom activities were held during the week, many of which students had to pay to get their peers to participate in. Throughout the week, there was dine and donate at varying restaurants. On Tuesday, they had the car smash where students could pay a dollar to take a sledgehammer to an old beat down car. Laser tag took place on Friday night in the gymnasium. Overall, the competitions between classrooms is what brought in the most money. The school’s competition against Faribault also encouraged students to donate. During the pep-fest it was revealed that the school raised a total of $10,463.29. The money will go to the Yuda Bands organization, to educate the children of third world countries.

In the grade competitions, the freshmen were came in first raising $2,354.97, the juniors in second ($2,089.20), seniors in third (1902.23) and the sophomores in last (1480.89). Student Council Adviser Julie Haugen said, “I’ve only been at the school for five years and in that time that much hasn’t been raised. I’m thrilled with the turnout.” On Tuesday in TMM, the freshman will receive their prize of donuts and juice for winning the grade competition.