A Step Forward


A visit to a college campus can help determine the underlying factor for what college a student chooses to attend. College visits provide many helpful answers that students may have about the school or college in general. Costs, majors and activities are generally the main topics that are discussed when one visits a certain college.

Owatonna High School administration and staff encourage students to visit many different schools to help them become aware of which one may be the right choice for them. With visits, there are times when a student may need to be absent from school to be able to attend. Juniors are allowed one college visit day per year, while seniors are allowed two. Then the question is asked, “If a student wishes to visit more colleges, can they be excused for more days than they are allowed?” If the student knows they will be gone for more than the given amount of days, they should fill out a “pre-arranged” absence request form in order to be completely excused from school.

Students, especially seniors, may feel overwhelmed with all the college talk that has been happening. Counselor Mrs. Vicki Berdan said, “I love talking about college with students and answering any questions they might have. Anyone is free to stop by my office with questions or concerns.” Staff members also have banners hanging on top of their doors saying which college they attended, so if a student has any questions about a particular college, someone in the building can more than likely help out.

The college process does not have to be stressful. There are many helpful resources whether they are at OHS or at the college itself. Visiting the college will always be an enormous help when making the final decision.