Award winning performance


Assistant Principal Jeff Miller was recently awarded Administrator of the Year. He was nominated by the Southeast Minnesota School Counselor Associates, as it is a counselor affiliated award. Miller said, “I feel humble that they appreciate what I do, and I appreciate what they do as well. The office is a great team, and they work really hard together.” The award reflects on the staff as well. He is thankful for the appreciation, but he cares more about the kids than the award because he loves his job so much. The amazing thing about Owatonna, he believes, is that there is a positive attitude about everything. Miller said, “Everything is so possible here. There are good ideas, and things get done here that need to get done.” He knew he was in the right spot. Miller also said, “The kids are really good in the school system and the teachers are also very great in what they do. It makes his job so much easier. The most difficult thing about his job is time management. Miller said, “I struggle with dealing with problems, attendance, master schedule and registration. So many tugs in the day.” For him, it is still overwhelming to get stuff done that need to be resolved that can’t be fit in one day.

He really enjoys the job he has here and advises the students to remember the real purpose of school is  to build your foundation and take it seriously, working hard always pays off. Miller says, “Nobody wants to have limited options when it comes to your life, so when you walk out of these doors, you have done your due diligence. The hardest part is going to be deciding what you are going to do, because you are well prepared. Yes, there is a lot. Remember, you are a student, and this is a shot to get prepared for the next part of your life. Don’t waste it.” The next time you see him in the hallways, make sure to congratulate him.