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Teacher Spotlight for Teacher Appreciation Week

Appreciation Week: Teachers

Without teachers, society would be lost. Teachers are the ones that develop youth to be strong and smart people with have the ability to survive in the world. Once students leave high school, they remember teachers more than books or tests. Teacher’s selflessness and ability to motivate exemplify why teaching is not only one of the hardest professions, but one of the most rewarding as well. That is why they deserve to be appreciated. This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week, so make sure to thank a teacher for helping support students. Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to pause and reflect on the educators who have made a unique imprint on students’ lives. Teachers give, serve, and believe in their students each and every day. Teachers will continue to influence student’s lives long after Teacher Appreciation Week is over.

Mrs. Shives
Mr. Stormo
Mrs. Snyder Roberts
Mr. Cummins
Mrs. Fink
Ms. Oien

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