Appreciation Week: Lunch Staff


RIchard Ong

OHS Lunch Staff

Alec Holcomb, Writer

When it comes to working hard with little appreciation, the Owatonna High School Lunch Staff leads the charge. A group of hard working lunch staff members wake up early every day to make the students at OHS a warm tasty breakfast. Immediately after finishing the morning meal, they transition quickly to the main event: lunch. They prepare 600-900 meals daily for OHS students five days a week.

In charge of overseeing the entire lunch staff for OHS is Daymond Ramsey. When asked about some of the challenges the lunch staff faced, he said, “The overall lack of space that we have in the kitchen and in the cafeteria along with getting kids to try new items.” He then went on to talk about his favorite part of the job, he said,

“My favorite thing is just being around the kids everyday, they make work fun.

— Daymond

OHS Senior, Nick Heisler said, “I enjoy the variety of food options here at the high school. I like to have lots of options, so I don’t eat the same meal everyday. I appreciate the lunch ladies ability to make different types of foods and their hard work.” The Lunch Staff works extremely hard indeed. They have 1.5 hours to prepare breakfast for up to 500 students and spend four hours every day making lunch for over 1,000 students. OHS Senior, Nolan Schue said, “I eat school lunch almost every day. I enjoy the rib sandwiches the most, I also enjoy the corndogs. The ladies are very nice to me when I go through the line, I enjoy the short conversations that I have with them daily.”

There’s no doubt that the lunch staff is one of the hardest working groups of people here at the high school, so next time you go through the lunch line to grab whatever tasty snack or meal that you enjoy most, and make sure to thank them.