Shining Shroyer


Ellie Rohman

Senior Natalie Shroyer has accepted an academic full ride to Wartburg

Ellie Rohman, Writer

Senior Natalie Shroyer has received the prestigious Regents Scholarship for Academics at Wartburg College, along with top scholarships for vocal and alto saxophone. With a full tuition paid with a four-year scholarship, Shroyer said, “This scholarship is life-changing.” Shroyer plans to major in biology or pre-medicine, and minor in music and possibly sociology.

Shroyer has worked diligently in high school to have a great GPA and still be active in her extracurriculars. She has been involved in choir and band since elementary school and has taken private voice lessons for the past three years. Her experiences in concert band, jazz band, marching band, concert choir, carolers, National Honor Society and theater have helped her in her application for the scholarship.

This scholarship is life-changing.”

— Natalie Shroyer

Shroyer was invited to a Scholarship Recognition Day at Wartburg shortly after her acceptance. At the event, students tried to increase their academic scholarships. “I attended academic seminars, went to a luncheon with the president of the college, and had an interview with a faculty member, alumnus and a current student,” Shroyer said. She was one of two students to receive the four-year, full tuition academic scholarship out of the 180 students who attended the Scholarship Recognition Day.

As she performed in live auditions for music scholarships for voice and alto saxophone, she earned the top scholarships for both. Since Shroyer already has her a full tuition scholarship, these musical scholarships are honorary. Her musical scholarship will include saxophone lessons and a guaranteed spot in an ensemble next year.

In addition to her scholarship achievements, Shroyer was also accepted into the honors program. “I get to take separate classes, live on a special floor in the dorms, and complete yearly service projects.” Shroyer is a perfect example of how hard work with academics and extracurricular activities can help students with college later down the road.