OHS senior girls serving our country


Richard Ong

Seniors Jade Fumo, Ashley Intress and Shelby Taylor standing in their Military uniforms

Ashley Beckman, Writer

As the 2016-2017 school year is beginning to wind down, seniors all around the country are beginning to prepare for their plans after high school. Some go right into the workforce, some will further their education by attending a two or four year college or university of their choice and some will go off to serve our country in the Army, Marines, Air Force or Navy.OHS has many young men and women who are answering the call to serve.  

Each year OHS is represented in different branches of the armed services. Among the class of 2017 seniors, over a dozen will be going off to do serve in  the United States of America. Senior Grant Huinker, is planning on going into the Marine Corps. When asked what he is excited for, Grant said, “ I’m mostly excited about the challenge and earning the title.” Another one Grant’s classmates, Senior Tristyn Brooks, is planning on going into the Marines as a MOS (electrician). Brooks said, “It’s the right fit for me. I’ve been doing stuff like that with my dad my whole life.” Brooks also added, “It’s a challenge to be in the Marines, not everyone can do it.” While serving our country, OHS graduates will be able to travel the world and have life changing experiences.

In recent years, the number of women going into the army has increased. According to Time.com, “Women account for 15.3% of active-duty personnel in the U.S. Military.” There are three OHS seniors from class of 2017, who will be adding to that growing percentage.

He told me many stories about his experiences in the Army, and I realized I wanted to do it

— Jade Fumo

Seniors Jade Fumo, Ashley Intress and Shelby Taylor have decided to take the brave promise to serve the United States of America .Each senior has a different role they will be filling when they are done with the necessary training they need to excel at their roles. Intress went to Basic Training during summer of 2016, and she is currently in the National Guard as a 68W (combat medic). She will be going through training this summer and then starting college in Spring of 2018, as well as enrolling in ROTC. Enrolling in ROTC means you will become an officer, and Intress hopes to become an active duty army nurse with her nursing degree. Fumo’s role is a 12N (horizontal engineer), which means she will be trained to use bulldozers, cranes and other heavy equipment on construction sites for the Army. Taylor also went to Basic Training this past summer and will be a 68W (combat medic), like Intress. It takes a strong person to serve our country. These three girls will also be attending training this summer to prepare for their positions. When it comes to what it takes to be in the Army, the three of the OHS seniors combined said it takes  leadership, discipline and courage. Not everyone is cut out to handle the life of Army soldier or any kind of Armed Services. It is  a true act of bravery and selflessness.


Each senior has had a different inspiration for joining the Army, but they all have a common passion, to serve the country they love. Fumo’s inspiration was her uncle, “He told me many stories about his experiences in the Army, and I realized I wanted to do it.” Intress was inspired by her family as well, “My dad was in the army for 30 years, and basically every other family member, male and female, has been in the Army as well. It was kind of a like a family tradition.”

Taylor was inspired by her father, who is a ranger and a member of a Green Beret in the  Special Forces, “It’s been a tradition for many generations to be in the military and I was the only one of my dad’s kids who was wanted to uphold the tradition.” These seniors are all excited for their new adventures and experiences they will have while serving in the army.

This selfless commitment to the United States is one that the senior class should take honor in.  Everyone is wishing the OHS seniors good luck as they represent our school and town, while fighting for our country.