Swanson announces resignation


Peyton Robb

Athletic Director Ryan Swanson will be leaving his position in June

Peyton Robb

The athletic directors of schools do work to ensure that events and athletics can take place, and they ensure that they can run smoothly. Owatonna High School has had Mr. Ryan Swanson holding the position as the school athletic director for ten years. Now he will be stepping down from his position as AD once his contract ends in the 2018 school year. Mr. Swanson is looking to spend more time with his family and less time away from home organizing events for the school. When asked what he will miss, Mr. Swanson said, “Our coaches and advisors couldn’t be better, I’m going to miss working with them.” He also says he will miss being a part of such a great school like Owatonna, and he will miss making the connections with students and staff.

Mr. Swanson says that he does not plan on moving away from Owatonna. He plans on spending most of his time doing farm work and other agricultural services on his father-in-law’s farm. He also plans to remain a part of Owatonna athletics ,but as a fan this time. Mr. Swanson said, “I really can’t wait to be a fan and to go to an event because I want to not because I have to.” Although he will be a fan, he has had some great memories as an OHS staff member. When asked what some of his favorite memories were, Mr. Swanson said, “Watching the numerous state tournament runs from all the different sports.” Mr. Swanson has seen plenty of tournaments over the 12 years of being an AD – ten years in Owatonna and a year in both Wabasso and Hibbing.

As far as new athletic directors go, applications have not been taken yet for the position, but Mr. Swanson says the school board will start reaching out soon. When asked if there was a send of at the year’s end he said, “I sure hope not, that’s not really my style.” He’ll finish the year out, then hand off his duties. Until then, the work and athletics will keep moving.