Student 1:1 technology


Decision between HP Windows or Google Chromebooks

Allen Esquivel

The Owatonna Senior High School administration is always looking for new additions to make student learning and education more efficient, as well as making the teaching process simpler. Having more efficient ways for teachers to interact with their students can lead to a higher success rate in and outside the classroom.

Administration along with other members of the school district have begun working to incorporate new technology for high school students. During the fall of the 2018 school year, the OHS ninth grade academy students could possibly be receiving new devices for the classroom due to a new program the school may put in place. According to Principal Mark Randall they are not certain what type of device they will choose, but Google Chromebooks or Windows Streams are the higher possibilities. This programs would allow students to be assigned their own device for the year. Students would then be able to use them during school, and even be able to take the assigned device home for school based purposes. This movement could break the barriers between students who have their own personal devices, and those who do not.

When asked why the OHS was leaning to providing each student their own device, Mr. Randall said, “Part of it is that we are finding more and more that students are needing technology to work on documents, assignments and  to communicate with their teacher. This kinda connects back to Schoology which is a learning management platform that is replacing Moodle. So the academy teachers will be on Schoology so the students and [teachers] will be able to interact more.”

When asked about the new proposal, Mr. Seth Muir, an OHS academy teacher, said, “Overall I think it’s a good thing. We are in a world that is becoming more technologically advanced, and if it helps kids it’d be great.” Beyond the convenience given to both teachers and students this is only a proposal and nothing is set in stone yet. There are a few problems including the school budgeting and it is making it tough to make solid decisions. Mr. Randall said, “No for sure decisions have been made yet as to whether we are going to do that or not, but it is kinda leaning that way that we will do it.” This is still a works in process and many things still have to be figured out.

The OHS administration is taking the right steps for improving the learning process of future generations. Many things are still going to have to get cleared in the upcoming months. The hope is to continue striving for success including new technology.