Art Splash 2018


Serena Omangi

Gabriel Rysavy plays the keyboard and sings at the Art Splash

Solomon Havelka, Writer

The Owatonna Student Council is holding its annual Art Splash. The Art Splash features the talents of many high school students to raise money for the Cash Drive. It will feature things such as singing, playing instruments and artwork. One performer this year is senior Molly Hawkins, who will be sharing her talent of playing the ukulele. Hawkins said, “I started to sing and play the ukulele in casual settings, I realized I really liked it so my friends and some people in it encouraged me to join so I did.”

The Art Splash gives both people who are experienced and people who are just looking to show off their talents for the first time a chance to perform in front of a crowd of their peers. First time Art Splash performer junior Ethan Sellers said, “It’s a great opportunity to see what others can do in the community, I have watched it in the past and I am excited to see the new Chill-Aqui.” This year’s Cash Drive is focused around “We All Play”, whose prime purpose is to provide an all-inclusive playground. Student council member junior Elise Sande wants people to show up and have fun. Sande said, “It’s a great and easy event for students to come share their musical and artistic talents, and for others to hang out, have some coffee and support their friends while raising some money for a good cause.” Coming to the Art Splash is an easy way to support the OHS Student Council and the Cash Drive.

For the first time, Owatonna will be holding a second Art Splash this year in addition to this one. The OHS Student Council will be starting a spring Art Splash to help raise money in another way. Another new aspect of this year’s Art Splash is that it will be held at Chill-Aqui rather than Central Park Coffee. Many of the participants are excited to try out the new location. Junior Isabella Melgaard, who will be singing and playing the guitar, said, “The new coffee shop, Chill-Aqui, is amazing. They are all so nice and I am excited to have everyone go check it out.” The Art Splash will be held on Thursday, Dec. 6. at 7 p.m. at Chill-Aqui (124 26th St. NW)