Marching onward to a new season


Jack Hanson

Marching band practicing

Jack Hanson, Writer

The OHS Marching Band and color guard are marching right back into action. With the band’s first performance approaching quickly, they have a lot to prepare for in a short amount of time. This year’s theme has been finalized, and marching band director Mr. Peter Guenther said, “Our show is different than any show I have ever done. It is entitled ‘Twist’. We are going to take some of your favorite Christmas pieces and really mess with them. You are in for a treat.” There is a lot to expect out of the marching band this year.

There are huge differences between the Marching band and color guard compared to other Owatonna athletics. Marching band can take hours upon hours of practice to gather perfection rather than just improving at an activity. Mr. Guenther said, “I expect them to be able to march and play at the same time.  This is a judged sport like gymnastics, where tenths of points are the difference between first and second place. I expect teamwork, dedication, and a growth mindset.”

Being one of the most elite bands in the past decade, the Huskies are looking to continue that success while also setting up the future of Owatonna marching. Senior drum line member Zach Barrett said, “Not only do we want to grow as musicians, but also develop the program to continue this success even past our time.” With many new members in this year’s band then band looks very different. Senior horn line member Nathan Buegler said, “I think this year’s group is very different we have a lot of people newer to marching band, the band is really going to make some huge strides and grow a lot from beginning to end.”

The marching band and color guard has meant so much to the seniors throughout their years at OHS. Barrett said, “I expect this to be a great way to leave OHS music. I have gotten so much out of this program, and am very excited to be entering one more season.” With their time in the program coming to an end, the seniors have very high expectations for this season.

One of the joys of being a band director is the ability to watch the kids grow up right in front of you. Although emotional, one of my favorite moments is at the last parade of the season where our seniors remove their shoes and walk away for the last time. There are a lot of tears, but not of sadness. They are of appreciation of a job well done.

— Mr. Guenther

The OHS color guard is the most visual part of the marching band. Year after year, the color guard presents a fierce new look, and this year the color guard is expecting to bring something big this year once the theme is chosen. Senior color guard member, Emma Zinsli said, “We are excited for this season considering our team has doubled and size, and are excited to compete again and hopefully have as good of a season as we did last year.”

As always, the Huskies not only want to win every competition, and gather the full experience of participating in OHS Marching Band and color guard, but also to out-compete their biggest rival. The Mankato 77 Lancers, whom the Huskies set their goals to beat every year, might be one of the most meaningful achievements to the seniors. The first opportunity to show support for the marching band and color guard is May 27, at the Memorial Day Parade in Owatonna.