Terminator: Dark Fate- another timeline

Ethan Rohman, Writer

As the seventh installment in the Terminator franchise, Terminator: Dark Fate takes place in a future where Sarah and John Connor stopped Skynet, the artificial intelligence system that begins to eliminate humans. After Skynet is prevented from happening, Sarah and John continue to run away from the numerous Terminators that have been sent. Although John is killed while they are running from them, the timeline remains unchanged. In the absence of Skynet, an artificial intelligence system is created named Legion. Terminator: Dark Fate is the story of Legion attempting to eliminate the resistance leader of the future, Dani Ramos. The resistance has sent protection back in the form of Grace, an augmented human with super strength and speed. The Rev-9 Model sent by Legion to kill The Terminator of this movie resembles the one in Terminator 2: Judgment Day with its ability to rebuild itself out of a liquid-like material. 

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger does appear in this film, his role in this movie is more like a supporting character. Sarah Connor then takes his place as the “tough guy.” In the movie, she has been hunting Terminators ever since John was killed. Since there have been so many Terminators sent back in time to complete missions, she is constantly fighting them. This then leads Sarah to Dani Ramos and Grace. 

The protagonist of this movie is not a true protagonist. The writers of this movie intelligently emphasized the characters of Sarah Connor, Grace and Schwarzenegger’s Terminator rather than Dani Ramos. This helps keep the identity of the franchise constant. The movies that have had the most success are those with these characters at the forefront.  

Although the acting is good, the movie seems to be a mashup of the past six movies; all of the best plot ideas are combined into one movie. This movie is mediocre at best. If nothing else was on the TV, this movie would be watched. This movie is lacking the suspense needed to make it rewatchable. The plot is mostly predictable and unoriginal because the writers of these movies have run out of ideas.