Movie on the field announced


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OHS Student Council introduced a new event- a movie on the football field

Jacob Meiners, Writer

OHS Student Council was excited to announce the details of the upcoming outdoor movie as part of the Homecoming Part One activities. The event takes place on Thursday, Oct 1, from 8-10 p.m. on the OHS football field. Student council is showing The Goonies, with students seated six feet apart on the football field. 

The Goonies was released in 1985 as an action and adventure film, containing a fair amount of comedy to accompany it. Co- Adviser Beth Fink said, “The idea was brainstormed over the summer by the student council members as they thought of ideas for alternate homecoming activities.” Student council got permission from OHS Principal Mr. Kory Kath, and proceeded to plan the upcoming event, along with multiple other events occurring this week. 

Students should bring their masks and wear them in line as they wait to enter through the entrance in the tennis court parking lot. There will be food trucks in the parking lot, so money will be needed if students are wanting to purchase any food. Students will be able to go and get food at any point during the night, as the food trucks will be there the entire time. Ms. Fink said, “Students are advised not to show up to the movie site until 15 minutes before as a precaution for COVID-19.” 

There is a $5 fee to get in, and you must sign up through the email sent out last week by Principal Kath, as there is a 200 person limit. Students are allowed to bring food of their own and are encouraged to bring a blanket or chair to sit on while on the football field. Ms. Fink said, “Students should expect to be there for no more than a couple hours.” 

We are excited to introduce a new activity night to OHS homecoming because we normally just stick with what is traditional.”

— Lauren Thamert- Homecoming Chair


Once students have signed up through Kath, they will get an email that they can use as their ticket into the field on Thursday. Fink and student council are eager to see the turn out Thursday night for the alternate homecoming activity, along with the other activities planned throughout the week. OHS Student Council member Lauren Thamert said, “We are excited to introduce a new activity night to OHS homecoming because we normally just stick with what is traditional.”

If there are any conflicting weather implications on Thursday, look for student council to announce any changes to the event on their social media platforms.