Senior athletes sign to college programs


NCAA signing day will be held Wednesday, Feb .3 at 2:45

Owatonna High School has had a crazy start to sports in 2021. All winter sports have been pushed back later than normal and all sports have a different look to the 2021 seasons. With that being said Owatonna senior athletes still have a chance to sign for college. OHS signing day is Wednesday, Feb. 3 at 2:45 p.m. in the OHS Auditorium.

Students that will be signing are: Maggie Newhouse, Sarah Kingland, Nolan Burmeister, Lindsay Bangs, Grace Wolfe, Sydney Hunst, Matthew Seykora, Jacob Meiners, Brayden Truelson, Anna Herzog, Libby Janka, Emma Dahnert, Lincoln Maher, Megan Johnson, Caitlynne Bussert,  Zach Stransky, Cole Earles and Jenna Gleason.

NCAA signing isn’t just one day this year like it has always been in years past. This gives other athletes the opportunity to still sign to play a college sport. This also gives athletes that are planning to sign a longer time period to think of their decision.  This is for invited guests only but photos will be taken by Magnet. Each signing senior will be featured in a profile article on OHS Magnet as an on-going series.