A more modern flock of Ducks


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The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers first season on Disney+ Source: spoilertv.com

Wendell Relacion, Writer

The original movie, The Mighty Ducks (1992), was a widely successful movie made by Disney. According to The Numbers, The Mighty Ducks had a profit of slightly over 50 million dollars. The second Mighty Ducks movie made around 45 million dollars and the third movie made a measly 23 million dollars. These movies were widely popular during the 90’s due to the movies focusing their stories on the underdogs and a more predictable story, so that the younger audience will be interested in the movie. 

The Mighty Ducks was about a ragtag group of kids in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that wanted to play hockey but they sucked. A new coach came in the form of Gordon Bombay (played by Emilio Estavez), a lawyer that was assigned to the team due to his DUI. He would be the one that would lead the young team in all three movies and the TV series. The first movie paved the way for the Ducks to grow but the TV series will go about it a different way. 

At the end of the third movie in 1996, they showed Gordon walking away with what seemed like a satisfied face after the Ducks, whom Gordon did not coach that year, but was still present, won a heated battle against a stronger, more experienced team. Now 25 years later, the TV series of the Ducks was made, although there were a few significant changes.

Mighty Duck: Game Changers

The first episode of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers showed just how far the Ducks’ dynasty has come. The Ducks have won 10 peewee championships during the 25 years that viewers have not seen the Ducks. During the Ducks tryouts, they introduce a young man named Evan. Evan worked hard during the try-outs but due to the increased benchmarks of making the team, Evan had to be cut. His mother, Alex (played by Lauren Graham), was outraged by their decision saying that peewee sports are supposed to be for the kids to have fun and not for them to focus solely on being the best. Alex then hatched a plan that involved making a new team. The only way to form a team is to find six players, and a rink that they can consistently go to. The first episode goes through with the premise of completing these goals. Evan is in charge of getting more teammates, which he does by asking fellow classmates and a guy they met online. Alex is in charge of finding the rink. She finds that the rinks are all full then she finds an ice rink that is owned by Bombay. The episode ends with them joining the peewee hockey section to battle against other teams like the Ducks. Their team name: The Don’t Bothers 

The new Ducks have similarities to the first movie. All of them are a ragtag group of children that do not really fit anywhere. It seems like the story will focus on building up the team throughout its episodes and will also most likely focus on more character development than the movies. The TV series will have its second episode come out on April second and every episode will come out every Friday after that. The series is available on Disney+ with a monthly subscription. The TV series had a slow first episode, but there is a lot of potential in the tv series’ more modernized outlook on peewee hockey.