Saying yes to everything you can wish for

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Press day release photo for new movie Yes Day now streaming on Netflix. Source:

Bella Voigt, Staff writer

Yes Day is a hit movie now streaming on Netflix and the face behind this comedy is director Miquel Arteta. Yes Day begins with Allison who is put down for being a joyless disciplinarian mother to her three kids who is always finding a reason to say no and agrees to spoil her children with a “yes day”. 

For a whole day, Allison and her husband Carlos will have to willingly say yes to any request no matter how big or small the request that the kids make is. The idea of this is that the day will act like a free for all; a way for them to blow off some anger and also as a learning experience to show them that their Mom is just trying to look out for them and truly is not the bearer of bad news. 

Yes Day first shows Allison when she was younger who said yes to everything. She was a fearless women who went rock climbing and never backed down to a challenge. As a mom, Allison soon realizes what she has created; her 14 year old Katie is widely contemptuous of her and is ready to revolt against Allison if she’s not allowed to go to a music festival without her Mom watching over her. Allison’s son Nando just made a video project for school comparing his mom to a soldier from the Soviet Union and her youngest daughter Allie, mainly echoes her siblings complaints back to their parents. 

Yes Day is an ideal film for a family looking for a great laugh. This story is simple, easy to follow, very funny at times and charming for younger audiences. Yes Day has been a very popular movie to discuss. Sophomore Ruthey Nowak said, “This film was great for my family to watch, especially with two younger sisters who had a great time.” Showing again how Yes Day is a great film for the family. Sophomore  Kaelyn Frear Boerner said, “Yes Day really shows how children need space to grow and be independent without their parents hovering over them.” This film gets the concept across to parents that children need freedom and no matter how hard you try to keep them little, in the end they always grow up and change into the adults they aspire to be.