2021 Senior Awards Night changes its format


Payton Beyer

Seniors will receive awards and scholarships on Wednesday, May 26.

Payton Beyer, Writer

Prior to 2020, The Academic Awards and In the past, scholarship night has been a very memorable night for many. The event could last hours. Last year’s event, due to COVID-19, was a bit different. Coaches and school officials traveled to the Junior and Senior Athletes of the Year Finalists and presented them with their awards, and unfortunately nothing for the scholarship winners. 

This year there will be two sessions one In the auditorium and one in the gymnasium. In the auditorium prior to the scholarship awards at 5:00 p.m on May 26, OHS will be recognizing the athletes of the year. Both a male and female athlete from the junior and senior class. The finalists will be named in the beginning of the third week in May by the coaches and activities office, three male and three female athletes will be named from the junior and senior athletes finalists. All of the hard work the student-athletes have put in over the years participating in their sports.

In the gymnasium after the athletic award event there will be a scholarship event. All OHS seniors who are receiving scholarships toward their next year’s plans. OHS senior Mason Kunkel said, “I’ve put a lot of time and effort into making sure all of my scholarships are top tier quality. Hopefully, it pays off in the end.” OHS gives out over $700,000 in scholarships each year to graduating seniors. It is a good opportunity to present the well-deserving students, who have put in the hard work over the course of their high school careers, with a scholarship.

This year’s event will consist of a more COVID-19 friendly atmosphere. It will be an open house in the high school gymnasium where students will be invited to receive their awards and scholarships. There will also be photographers on hand to take pictures, as well as posting on social media. Owatonna High School’s Principal Mr. Kory Kath wanted to make sure students had a more structured event than last year, this is to give students an experience of what it is usually like. Mr. Kath said, “We want to make sure we honor social distancing through but we also want to create an event that honors families with their students. We look forward to recognizing students and having great photos as well as social media posts that highlight the evening and the great honors that are given.”  Students will receive an invitation to attend the events.