Owatonna Girls Soccer moves up to AAA


Ava Wolfe

Senior captain Ari Shornock taking the ball up the field

Jerome Stransky, Writer

As the regular season of the Owatonna Girls Soccer team is coming to an end, they are finishing the season with a record of  9-6. The team has had a couple ups and downs, but heading into the postseason they are starting to clear things up and coming together to play as one unit. They have different types of players with different types of skills to use as they try to make a run in the playoffs.

The team this year has been on a grind all season. They have built great team chemistry and have bonded by having a pregame ritual of making Tik Toks and the girls doing team bonding activities, such as team dinners, bonfires at each other’s houses and playing pickleball. Junior captain Abby Vetsch said, “When we play, we always have a sense of where our teammates will be and where we can put the ball so that they can make a play on the ball.”

Another thing that makes this team get better is the help they get from their managers. They do so much to make this team get better by filming games, recording stats and just being a part of the team building that really good chemistry. Senior manager Audrey Hylle said, ”We record every shot taken, how many blocks the goalie gets and then where they shoot the ball.”

After advancing to the section finals last year, the team was moved up a class, moving from class AA to class AAA. This puts a lot of pressure on the team and coaching staff, by making them work even harder. Head Coach Nate Gendron thinks it is not  in the expectations to go win this year because of that big jump forward into that bigger class where there is more and better competition to go against, but the team is still going to go out and fight as Coach Gendron said, ”But now we’re just kind of going game by game and we have to kind of see how things go.” 

The Huskies lost 2-0 to the Farmington Tigers Oct. 12 2021 in the AAA Section playoff game.