Part II: The extra man on the field

How the Student Section affect the teams


Sam Fenske, Logan Langeland, and Ty Sullivan cheer for the wrestling team

Micah BigEagle and Cade Guimond

Editor Note: This is Part II of III  on the OHS Student Section.

As the OHS moves into the spring season of sports, it has left behind a well-defined student section with all of their lovely chants. More importantly, the school and the students should look back at how teams saw the student section. When asked about how the student section affected football and basketball games, senior Sam Fenske said, “When they’re cheering, there is more energy and the team performs better.” Zach Shaver agreed. “The student section brought more energy to games,” he said. Junior basketball player Sydney Kasper said, “I feel they [the student section] motivates me to work harder.” Our student section is something that should not be overlooked. The athletes seem to love having them there and benefit from their classmates jumping around and supporting them so wildly. Sometimes, there is an instance when the student section is not cheering for the Huskies. They are chanting against the opposition. For some students, this is the best part. The two student sections go back and forth and create a unique experience to high school competitions.

One thing students would like to change is how many people show up. Shaver put it best when he said, “The more people, the better.” And he is right. However, this is not likely to happen soon due to the numerous limitations placed on the student section. As Fenske said, “Our student section has to cheer like third graders. Opposing student sections can do whatever.” But these limitations might be a good thing, if we look at the controversy throughout the 2013-2014 year. With some questionable chants and some rather sudden changes in leaders, it raises the question, “With all the limitations on the student section, wouldn’t it just be easier to not have one?” All of the students interviewed disagreed, stating that they all enjoy the student section and believe it is something that should always be a part of high school sports.

Our student section is a necessary part of games and the atmosphere of the games at the OHS. The presence of the student section brings energy to games that motivates athletes to do their best. In the future, the athletes hope to see everyone cheering the on Huskies sports teams, home and away. Cheer loud and be proud of your classmates. Whether it be on the court, football field, soccer field or any type of playing surface, support your fellow OHS students. It truly does help them win.

The OHS has the chance to cheer loudly tonight at the girls basketball section game.  See you at 7 p.m.