New media trends from this fall


Ashley Holm

Looking into some of the new trends from fall this year

Ashley Holm, Writer

While walking the halls of OHS, kids are talking about Squid Games, You the show series, Adele’s new album, Cats and Soup and Instagrams Add Yours feature. These have been some of the new trends in the media recently. The fall trends have been everywhere whether it be on social media or around here at OHS.

One of the newer shows that has been released is Squid Games. The show is about a group of people in South Korea who are tricked into deadly children’s games. There is a monetary prize for winning the games, so many of the people come back to try and win the money. It was released in September and it has gone viral since. Junior Tatum Rau said, “Squid Games is a trendy show because there is murder, gore and suspense. Everyone enjoys watching those kinds of shows right now.” Rau loves the build up of the show because of how dark it is. Squid Games is definitely not for everyone but most people who watch it adore the show. 

On Oct. 15, 2021, season three of You was released. In previous seasons of You, Joe Goldberg had fallen in love with a girl named Guinevere Beck. Goldberg then decides to move to Los Angeles and falls in love with Love Quinn. We then pick up into season three, it follows the storyline of Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn as they are trying to live a suburban life with their son Henry. They both are trying to put their past of murdering people behind them. However, there are many plot twists to come. You is a great show that will leave everyone on the edge of their seats. Sophomore Hannah McNett said, “The plot twists of the show You make it addicting and fun to watch.” McNett is one of many who have been waiting for the new season three of You. 

Well, it is Adele; anything she releases will be popular. She will always be a mainstream artist no matter what she drops.

— Gavin Karow

It was announced that Adele’s new album was going to be released soon. Her new album is titled 30, it is big news for fans and the songs from the album will probably become big hits. Senior Gavin Karow said, “Well, it is Adele; anything she releases will be popular. She will always be a mainstream artist no matter what she drops.” This will be her comeback album after not releasing songs for almost six years. So far, she has released one single “Easy On Me” from her album. Adele fans are excited for the release on Nov. 19.  

Cats and Soup is a mobile device game that everyone has been playing recently. It is a game consisting of cats making soup, it is as simple as that. You start the game off with a couple of cats and then gradually get more cats. A lot of people have been enjoying this game because it is calming but really addictive. Cats and Soup is worth a try because it is a super fun game.

Instagram’s new feature  “Add Yours” has gone viral over the past week.The Add Yours feature allows others to see a glimpse into your life. This is why it is trendy right now. People enjoy getting to see into other people’s lives and getting to know them better.  Freshman Makenzie Oltmans said, “I think the Add Yours feature on Instagram is really cute because you are able to see pictures of people and their best friends or of who they are in love with.” 

The chatter with these trends going around this fall have been fun and include a variety of new things for people to look forward to. Students at OHS have been enjoying all of the new media trends from this fall and it will be interesting to see what trends will come next.