Hay Day is sprouting back


Designed by Ava Wolfe

Hay Day a once popular game has found a regrowth back to teens today Source: App art screenshot

Ava Wolfe, Writer

Hay Day is a freemium mobile farming game developed and published by Supercell. Hay Day was released for iOS on June 21, 2012 and Android on Nov. 20, 2013. This mobile game is currently very popular among teenagers, adults and students’ parents. Hay Day was recently rediscovered by teens who used to play the game as children. 

This app is a farming game in which you can build a farm, fish, raise animals, explore other players’ farms and sell items from your barn and silo. Farm, decorate, and personalize your own slice of country paradise. Players can join neighborhoods, compete in the weekly derbies, load cargo for your boat orders, finish orders to send your truck to town, mine and serve town visitors at your own train station. In order to level up on Hay Day  players need to receive a certain amount of Xp (experience points). Players receive Xp when you complete any sort of task. Hay Day has a max level of 175. 

Many OHS students are aware of how popular Hay Day has resurfaced. Magnet sent out a question poll on Instagram asking students if they play Hay Day. The poll results included 40 out of the 94 students answered yes, the remaining 54 students said no. The poll revealed the popularity of Hay Day among students of OHS.

Many students find this game enjoyable. Samantha Bogen, a sophomore at OHS, has been playing for a while.  She said, “The beginning of last summer I picked it up again but I have played it in the past.” Bogen also mentioned her mother (Beth Bogen) plays Hay Day as well. Beth said, “My favorite part of Hay Day is the derby.” Every week on Hay Day, a derby (a horse race) between neighborhoods begins, giving players the chance to win prizes and advance to the champions league. Samantha is currently on level 44 and her mother, Beth, is on level 66. 

Another student at OHS that people are well aware of his farm, a sophomore, Ashton Kraus has been playing the game as well.  He said, “I like playing Hay Day because I get to create my farm.” Kraus is also currently on level 44. 

Hay Day is a game that will continue to grow in popularity. This game is available for download on mobile devices.