Spiderman No Way Home opens unseen possibilities


Jose Rosas, Writer

With the release of Spiderman No Way Home on Dec. 17, the third installment of the Tom Holland trilogy was met with some of the most anticipation ever seen for a movie, comparable to that of Avengers Endgame. With the hype, this movie brought high expectations, still it found a way to leave the audience captivated and amazed with all the surprises the movie brought and its outstanding character development. 

The director for Spiderman No Way Home was Jon Watts, he has directed Spiderman Homecoming, Spiderman Far From Home and is set to direct the third theatrical literature of the Fantastic Four. His style of directing gives the viewer a mix of emotions throughout his films making the viewer not have many dull moments ultimately setting up Spiderman No Way Home for success. Spiderman No Way Home has broken records with its box office debut making a whopping 601 million dollars in less then a week, making 121 million on its release day alone. The only other movie to have made more than this being Avengers Endgame. The film has a 95 percent Rotten Tomatoes review making it the second highest MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movie review ever. 

The movie’s hype came from all the speculation about who would be in the movie. This speculation went on for a year showing leaks here and there of previous characters including Andrew Garfield’s spiderman, and Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman. While they rejected they were in the movie this just made fans even more eager to see the trailer for Spiderman No Way Home. Finally the trailer was released showing Tobey Maguire’s Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin making the fans go wild anticipating the release of this jaw dropping movie. Junior Cali Hedland said, “My favorite part of it is the nostalgia brought from the use of the original actors.”

“My favorite part of it is the nostalgia brought from the use of the original actors.”

— Cali Hedland

The plot for Spiderman No Way Home is about the identity of Spiderman getting revealed to the world by Mysterio, the main antagonist in Spiderman Far From Home. This identity reveal made Peter Parker’s (Spiderman) life really tough having paparazzi flood his home and school not knowing if he was a hero or vigilante. This discovery not only impacted his life, but those close to Parker making his best friend and girlfriend face punishments for associating with spiderman. Parker finally makes the decision to have Dr. Strange make a spell which causes people to forget he was ever Spiderman. In doing so however, the spell was botched and led to a doorway into the multiverse, a concept not previously introduced in the MCU. Parker is then left on to fight these villains from the other parallel dimensions. Parker was forced to make a sacrifice that let him finally grow into his own Spiderman. 

What made this film so great was a variety of things. The movie brought back former Spiderman characters, putting the audience to feel a sense of nostalgia which left them astonished and lost for words. The movie also introduced new characters in an almost perfect fashion, not rushing the introduction and not taking too long on it. The movie’s pacing felt terrific as sure to not rush through scenes and develop the characters through the movie. The movie had some funny lines and scenes, but also had scenes that showed the true sadness the protagonist was going through making his character develop. This movie had the audience on the edge of their seats not knowing what to expect. This movie opened a lot of new additions and possibilities for the MCU in the future.     

The movie will be available on Disney Plus sometime in July 2021.