First drama on stage at OHS since 2019: The Farnsworth Invention


Marlee Dutton

Cast of The Farnsworth Invention claps while revealing the new invention.

Ashley Holm, Writer

The Farnsworth Invention is the spring play for this year. Many students have been working hard the past couple weeks to pull this show together. The show is about two men, David Sarnoff and Philo Farnsworth. It entails their fight through patents and the struggles of inventing the television. The drama starts off with the upbringing of the two men, Sarnoff had to overcome his difficult childhood to become successful. Whereas, Philo was an intellectual young man who struggled with people taking him seriously. 

The audience follows Philo’s process through inventing the TV. Then the story gets into more of the little details of the patents and the feuds in between different characters. All of this builds up into the court scene, the fight to see who gets the credit for inventing the TV. Director Erik Eitrheim said, “It is a fast paced play with a lot of interesting and fun things in it.”

Plays are a bit different than musicals. Especially since this show is a drama, this show is melancholic and has more of a depth to it than a comedy. Junior Ava Eitrheim said, “The play is a great environment and includes elements of drama and history which makes it very different and special.” Ava  plays many roles and is also Sarnoff’s wife, Lizette, in the play. This is her first play, she has been a part of musicals previously. As she said, this show includes a variety of elements with science terms and the drama aspect of the show as well. 

One of the best parts of plays is the bonding within the cast. Making friends within the cast is what makes the show truly enjoyable. Senior Jackson Hemann said, “My favorite part of the play is spending time with the people. They are chill and fun to be around.” He has created close bonds with all sorts of people from different casts from all of the shows he has been in. This is Hemann’s last show here and he is thankful for all of the friends he has created from theater. 

The Farnsworth Invention is the first drama since 2019. The last drama was Our Town–many cast members from this show are also included in The Farnsworth Invention. This drama is different because actors play multiple roles in the background of scenes and leading the scenes as well. Unlike other shows, this drama has quite a few moving parts and many of the actors have to put in a lot of effort into the show. Show dates are April 21, 23 at 7 p.m. and April 24 at 1:30 p.m.

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