Coming together for OHS cash drive

OHS kicks off the week with a pep fest and starts off strong raising over 600 dollars


Kami Fitcher

Mr. Eggermont in shock after getting both legs waxed for the OHS Cash Drive .

Ella Williams, Writer


Every year OHS holds a cash drive which brings in the opportunity for students to give back. Student council chooses a different nonprofit organization each year and schedules activities where each student can donate. This year’s cash drive is Nov. 14-18 and donations will be given to the Canopy Center. 



 The Canopy Center is an organization that fights for the prevention of child abuse and offers treatment for those who have been abused. Over three million cases of child abuse are reported each year in the United States. OHS Student Council decided on this charity because it was one that they knew works on an ongoing problem that needs awareness. Not only do the Student Council members choose the nonprofit, but they also put together all of the events. Senior Lileigh Nguyen said, “It’s basically all student run. The council organizes all the chaperones and times. It’s really cool to bring it all together.” She hopes that the week runs smoothly and goes well not only for the charity, but also for OHS students. 

Events will be held throughout the week that will give students the chance to donate. Monday is the pep-fest which will kick off cash drive week. Tuesday there will be a basketball extravaganza held in the OHS gym from 8-11 p.m. The cost is one dollar to watch, or five dollars to play. There will be an art splash on Wednesday that will happen at the Music Space downtown. On Thursday, Nov. 17, there is a girls hockey game with a raffle, and there will be a pickleball tournament hosted by NHS. To finish out cash drive week, there will be a dance on Friday night from 9-11:45 p.m. The theme is neon and it will be in the high school cafeteria. There will be different classroom competitions, slushies during lunches and dress up days throughout the week as well. Student Council co-adviser, Ms. Elfering said “Hopefully [we] raise money for the Canopy Center, have fun and get people talking about how we can impact other organizations.” All students are able to participate and are encouraged to get involved. 


Cash drive is a fun week, with many different activities. More importantly, though, the drive is a great way to raise money for a good cause. Child abuse is more common than people realize, and any amount makes a difference. Donations greatly appreciated by the Canopy Center, and the people receiving the help they need.