Pop culture review of 2022


Designed by Luca Gfrerer

Graphic collage that highlights the major events and topics of 2022’s pop culture.

Luca Gfrerer, Writer

As the new year begins, it seems fitting to review some of the biggest events and shifts in pop culture throughout 2022. Anything from the Met Gala, to low rise jeans, to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial, have seemed to take over the media at some point over the last year. There were many trends and events that were adored by some and disliked by others. Nonetheless, pop culture manages to shape society year after year. More importantly, it shapes the younger generations and their perspective of the social norms.

How fashion has impacted pop culture

Fashion events are constantly occurring and attracting the attention of the media. The Met Gala is an annual fashion event that raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. According to OHS junior Sophia Laughlin, it was the best pop culture moment of 2022. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious fashion events. Invitations are sent out to celebrities from various professions such as fashion, film, television and theater. Laughlin said, “I love looking at everyone’s outfits and seeing the new theme every year and I like to see what celebrities show up. I think it’s really cool.” 

The theme of the 2022 Met Gala was Gilded Glamour. Many attendees dressed to represent opulence, excess and fame. The New York Times said, “Unofficially, it’s ‘the party of the year.” This event is also considered to be the Oscars of the East Coast and it is widely known that the Oscars are a huge deal in Hollywood. 

Another big moment in 2022’s pop culture were the many different fashion trends. Senior Ava McMains said, “It’s not exactly cultural, but I noticed a lot of old style trends coming back. Low rise jeans were my favorite because they were funny, but seemed to help many people feel more confident about their appearance.” 

Low rise jeans were first made back in the 1960’s, but became especially popular in the early 2000’s. They went out of style for nearly two decades, but made a huge comeback last year. They were seen being worn by influencers and celebrities such as Dove Cameron and Willow Smith, which had caused a great portion of young adults to follow the trend and adapt it to their everyday clothing wear.

Have you Heard?

One of the longest events in last year’s pop culture was the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The Washington Post said, “Heard alleges a pattern of physical and sexual abuse from Depp.” However, NBC News said that the jury ruled that Heard’s accusations of violence and abuse were false and defamed Depp. Depp was given $10 million for compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages from Heard. Depp being one of Hollywood’s biggest names had the media all over this case, as the result of the case would deeply impact pop culture. The trial lasted from April 11-June 1. 

The influence of exposure

No matter what clothing trends resurface or what events take place, the world and the media revolve greatly around pop culture. Laughlin said, “I think that it really shapes our society, especially teenagers and young adults because we are always on social media and seeing these moments as they happen.” Adults are also exposed to the media, but the younger population is more invested in the ways pop culture changes their surroundings and their ability to keep up with the latest trends. Sometimes this exposure may create stress and pressure, but with time everyone learns what is best for them. 

The media changes fast as pop culture evolves. Some trends that were popular a month ago have already gone out of style and the latest celebrity stories are already old news. A new year means new events, trends and stories. Many new and unexpected trends have already emerged with the new year, and many more are sure to appear as 2023 continues.