The Blast favorites


Rankings of the students favorite items at the Blast. Image designed by Austin Meyers.

Reese Glynn, Writer

The Owatonna community always looks forward to the opening of the Blast soft serve ice cream. The Blast opens up in the beginning of spring, giving students a feeling that summer is arising. When customers walk up to the Blast they are greeted with many friendly faces and a copious amount of choices when it comes to the menu including: dole whip, slushies, cones, flavor bursts, flurries and many more. After taking a poll of OHS student’s favorite items on the menu, here are the results. 

The most popular flavor slushie was voted to be blue raspberry out of their many flavors such as grape, orange, cherry, lemon lime, cotton candy and kiwi strawberry. Slushies are refreshing, delicious and they come in a wide variety of flavors. They are perfect for cooling down on a hot day. For the favorite cones, twist was voted the most popular. 

Junior Carson Krenke is among the many students who love the Blast. Krenke said, “I like vanilla and chocolate so when they are mixed together it is perfect.” 

The favorite flavor burst at the Blast was voted to be blue goo. Senior Ella Hayes works at the Blast. Hayes said, “Blue goo is our most popular flavor burst at the blast.” Blue goo won best flavor burst by seventy three percent. 

Some of their dairy-free options include dole whip which is made out of juice, sugar and non-dairy creamer. This choice is perfect for someone looking for a refreshing dairy-free dessert option. One of the other options is frozen yogurt which is more of a healthier alternative to ice cream, but with a tangy taste and a lighter texture. When voting, dole whip was more popular than frozen yogurt. 

Junior Zoie Roush is a big fan of the Blast, Roush said “I like pineapple dole whip because I like the pineapple flavor and it is non dairy.” Dairy-free options are popular at the Blast.

Flurries are a great option for all ages. The Blast is known for their great amounts of cookie dough given when ordering a cookie dough flurry or anything with cookie dough in it. When voting the favorite flurry flavor, cookie dough was voted to be the most popular flavor. The Blast has a variety of options and flavors. 

To try any of these sweet treats, the Blast is located on 206 W. Rose St, Owatonna, MN. The Blast is a great place to hangout with friends or family. Their hours are 2-9 p.m. Monday-Friday, and on the weekends the Blast opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m.