Creating an enchanting night


Carline Reebie

OHS Prom Committee members Zoe Kienholz , Cienna Raden, Gabi Zeman, and Elena Bueltel

Carline Reebie, Writer

For many, prom night is magical. Lights twinkle and cameras flash as Grand March proceeds around the decorated Four Seasons Arena. Music plays and friends smile together, taking pictures in the photo booth. This experience would not be the same without the dedicated group that perfect every aspect along the way: Prom Committee. Prom committee is responsible for decorations, snacks, fundraising and choosing a theme. It is a group of OHS students focused on making the year’s prom great. Senior Hannah Cochlin, a member of the 2016 Prom Committee, said, “It is nice having it be the students working together because themes are kept current, and there are always fresh ideas with new members.”.

The committee meets every Thursday before school and occasionally adds meetings if more collaboration is needed. Cochlin added, “Getting to school a bit earlier is worth it. Everyone enjoys being involved in such a big production such as prom.” The group plans for months, but it all comes down to the day before the dance. Members come together one last time to execute their plans: building backdrops, arranging flowers and much more. Tickets go on sale in late April in the commons. Remember to thank the OHS Prom Committee after a magical night in the “Enchanted Forest” they worked so hard to create.