Running for a cure


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Braxten Blood, Writer

The annual From the Heart race is coming up and there are many ways for people to get involved in this community event. Whether people are running or walking the 5K, running in the half marathon relay or running the half marathon, there are many ways to train.

If runners decide to participate in the half marathon relay, the half marathon is split into two parts. One person will run approximately six and a half miles and then exchange with their partner so the next runner can finish the last half of the race. If one person chooses to run a the full half marathon, that person will end up running about thirteen miles.

The following is a map of the From the Heart half marathon course.

It is important to be ready for race day. Depending on the distance of the race, some runners start training months prior to the race. Running, cross training and eating right all make a difference in the time it takes you to cross that finish line. Although the time matters to some more than others, it is important that every runner has a fun time.

Running in the spring can be difficult. When the sun is out, it is not windy or too cold, it is a perfect day to run. Not all days are the best days to run but when people train for half marathon, each run is important to finish.

Along the course of the From the Heart race, there are signs or encouragement that makes it easier to finish the race. Not all races have this touch but the From the Heart race always does a good job with making sure people are encouraged along the way to do their best and finish.

A few days before the race, runners should get a good night’s sleep and drink water to stay hydrated. To have the best race possible, runners should not do anything different on race day than they would have during their training. Runners should stick to what they normally eat and drink before their runs. Runners should also have everything set out or planned out the night before the race. This will help by not being stressed out the morning of race day. Senior Sydney Bartz said, “It’s important to eat a light and healthy breakfast, drink lots of water and stretch. Good luck to all the runners.”

All of these tips are simple, easy pieces of advice for all runners to remain calm prior to their race. Whether people plan on running in the From the Heart race or not, any runner can benefit from these tips and ideas. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the race.

People who want to run in the race can still sign up. The price goes up $5 on April 28. Runners can sign up until race day. At this point, the cost of the race is $45.